Shameless Soapbox is for you if you are in business (or want to be), have an idea that you want to get off the ground, or work with budding entrepreneurs in some way.

Connect Wellington has successfully run several of these sessions. The vibe has been encouraging and several worthwhile connections made following the events.

So what’s it about?  Shameless soapbox is an open mic style of networking session where you can introduce yourself, your enterprise or just a good idea to a diverse range of friendlies. Who knows who you might meet? Sounding boards, collaborators, advisors, mentors, match-makers, service providers, investors…

And if you’re not the type to be up front in the spotlight, no problem. Join us anyway and chat one on one.

With each speaker given a mere two minutes on the soapbox to get their message across, it’s amazing how much ground we can cover in one evening – it puts a whole month of walking around Wellington into a couple of hours, all for the price of a craft beverage.

We’ve had great feedback on the soapboxes we’ve run so far.

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