Mirjam Maclean, Nōnen Títi

Like an invisible wall, the inborn psychological differences between people are hidden and yet the barrier that causes all our social problems, including war, bullying, loneliness and eating disorders. Only by getting together, sharing and understanding can we overcome them – get over the invisible wall and give peace a chance.

My vision has two aspects: a global goal and an immediate local project. Both are inspired from a psychotype perspective: the theory that people are neither all psychologically identical nor all completely unique, but that there are sixteen distinctly different types of human personalities – so differently, in fact, that despite sharing a verbal language and culture, they are not able to understand each other’s perspective of life. The resulting misunderstandings are responsible for all the misery people cause each other; not only personal problems such as bullying, divorce, eating disorders, loneliness and depression, but also war, environmental destruction and any form of discrimination.

As long as the vast majority of people does not understand these differences, we cannot achieve positive change – at least not without a very long and slow struggle… but the Earth is running out of time.

So, on a small scale, I am looking to create a contact or support group for those people who are feeling hopeless. There is a reason some people end up being bullied or alone, and it is not their fault – nor that of their brains, their hormones, their genes or their diets – and they don’t have to get tough. By getting together, and with the help of creative imagination and psychotype theory, such a group can help restore a belief in the future, bring hope and bring together exactly those people who feel misunderstood by the world but might understand each other. I call it Over the Invisible Wall, since the personality type differences are not visible on the outside (unlike race or gender), yet they are a source for (unconscious) discrimination.

I can run such a group, but I need help getting in touch with those people.

On the large scale, my goal is a positive global mindset change that does not target specific problems (such as the environment) but the way we regard life itself.

How do I envision that?

Every era and culture has its stories (truths and beliefs it considers self-evident), but these stories change over time, although we can usually only in retrospect see how our beliefs have changed. In times when their stories are losing their power, a people begin to feel lost and hopeless.

We are living in such a time.

Too many young people don’t want to think about the future – more than during WWII – they hide in fantasy and dystopias, do not want children, consider suicide or are struggling with their mental health, while many others are medicated for mental disorders that do not even exist.

Many people don’t know what to believe anymore, and even though everybody wants to protect the environment and everybody wants peace, nobody (including the politicians) really knows how to achieve this on a global scale; most of the time every little step forward is a major battle.

So, we need new stories, new hopes and new beliefs to help speed up social (and environmental) change and give the next generation something to live for, and I believe that we can deliberately start such stories. However, this requires getting more and more people involved to help spread the message, and I am but a solitary writer with very few connections, so I need your help.

I am looking for people who can see the (very) big, long-term picture; people willing to seriously discuss what the world could look like if we change our political structure, our social structure, the way we think about possessions, about freedom, about reality and about universal truths, and who are willing to help initiate such a mindset change

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