Connect Wellington is for passionate Wellingtonians – and those who love the capital. Its a mouthpiece and mobilisation point for people to share their ideas for a better city and for better communities. Great thinking doesn’t change anything on its own though. Change comes through collaboration, and each of us has a vital role.

Connectors are Wellingtonians driving change through collaboration and innovation within communities, for communities. Active and influential in their networks and areas of interest, they are a connecting force to link like minds, complementary abilities and necessary resources, working together to build wellbeing.

Catalysts for change get a ball rolling with an idea, a story, an experience.  These are the conversation starters that light the fuse for others. We invite you to submit your own story and set something exciting in motion!

Champions actively get behind an idea. They promote, advocate and comment. They ensure the idea stays live and is heard through their networks and communities, spreading the word. Champions provide energy, helping to develop the initial idea further.

Contributors are essential to the running of Connect Wellington. They help us in a host of ways – donations, event sponsorship or other in kind giving – to name a few.  We are grateful for their generosity,.  Contact us to become a contributor.

Without an audience, or crowd, the idea can’t get airtime, traction and support. The idea needs a crowd to keep it on point, through simple signals that say “I like this” or “thumbs down”.