Do you have a story, an idea that makes for positive change in the Capital (or beyond)?

Connect Wellington would love to hear from you and publish your piece, and get the conversational ball rolling. Your story will have comments enabled, so do take a lead on monitoring those and responding as appropriate.

Your story should include the following:

  • a VISION for an enterprise or project
  • tell us WHY its needed
  • provide details of the enterprise or project (WHAT, HOW, WHEN)
  • the ASK – what do you want? You may be providing services on a commercial or charitable basis and looking for clietns, or to grow a talent pool to provide such services, or funding or looking for people to develop and run with the idea.


  1. Title of story
  2. 50-word summary
  3. A full story of 600 words max
  4. About you – 100-word biography
  5. Contact email, phone number, website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other links that you want published.
  6. Hi-resolution picture of you – a good headshot.